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Forms I: Create a form to enter and view your data

Data in a table and the same data in a form

Callout 1 The structure of data in a table…
Callout 2 …is reflected in the structure of a form.

Think of forms as windows through which people see and reach your database. Forms follow function. That is, their design fits the situation in which people will enter or view data. An effective form speeds the use of your database, because people don't have to search for what they need. A visually attractive form makes working with the database more pleasant and more efficient.

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Forms are convenient because they are so adaptable to so many particular purposes. You can create forms, for example, to:

  • Note students' grades
  • Track inventory items
  • Enter new employee names
  • Review weekly output numbers
  • Update customer addresses
  • Create sales or service orders
  • Open other forms or print database reports
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