Evaluating work/life benefits

Offering a competitive benefits package can help attract top talent to your company as well as lower turnover rates for current staff.

Over the past 10 years, the needs and obligations of your employees have changed. For many, time is at a premium. With increased familial responsibilities, like picking up children from childcare or caring for an elderly parent, managing a harmonious work/life balance has become a pipe dream for most.

To many employees, a flexible schedule and a good work/life benefits package are just as important as a cash bonus. Creating the perfect work/life benefits package starts with those it affects most: the employees.

Send all your internal staff a survey asking them to rate their current benefits package. See which benefits they're happy with and which they don't like. Let them provide feedback about the types of work/life benefits they would like to see implemented. You'll never know until you ask.

By targeting the needs of the employee, you can create an attractive benefits package that encourages a harmonious work/life balance and helps you retain and attract staff.

Use the following resources to take your work/life benefits package to the next level.

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