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Create tables for a new database

The Access record navigation buttons

Once you create your tables, you’ll need to know how to use the record navigation buttons. You’ll find them in the lower left corner of your tables, and you’ll also see them in your query results, and on most of your forms. You use the buttons to locate data.

Callout 1 Use the First record button to go to the first record in a table or query result.
Callout 2 Use the Previous record button to go to the previous record.
Callout 3 The Current Record box lists the records in sequential order, and it shows you which record you have selected. Also, if you know the number of the record you want to see, you can type in that number, press ENTER, and go directly to that record. For example, if you want to see record number 110, type that number, press ENTER, and you’re there.
Callout 4 Use the Next record button to move to the next record.
Callout 5 Use the Last record button to move to the last record, and ...
Callout 6 If you need to add data, click the New (blank) record button.

The Quick Reference Card at the end of this course has more information about the buttons.

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