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Create tables for a new database

The process of saving data

As you finish your tables, you’ll probably enter a few records. That’s a good way to test your tables, and to help make sure you’re capturing the right data. As you go, remember a couple rules:

Callout 1 When you enter or change data, you never have to click Save to commit the new information to your database. All you have to do is move the focus to another record. To do that in a datasheet, or in a type of form called a multiple-items form, you can click a different row. You can also press the TAB or arrow keys until the focus moves to a new record. Any of those actions will commit new data.
Callout 2 The same is true for forms. You enter data on the form, and when you navigate to a different record, you commit your data.

We’ll look at forms again later in this series. For now, remember you save data when you shift the focus to a different record.

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