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Create reports for a new Access 2007 database

Steps for creating an Access 2007 report from scratch

If you don't like the results you get with the Report tool, you can use Layout view to build a report manually, a process that gives you more control. You drag fields from a list, arrange them to your liking, and group them.

Callout 1 On the Create tab, in the Reports group, click Blank Report. Access creates a blank report and displays the Field List task pane.
Callout 2 In the Field List task pane, open the table you want to use as a data source, then drag fields to the report. Access automatically uses the tabular layout.
Callout 3 If you want to use a different layout, highlight the fields in the report by pressing SHIFT and clicking each field header, and then...
Callout 4 On the Arrange tab, in the Control Layout group, click Stacked. Access rearranges the fields.

If that seems a bit complex, don't worry. You'll get a chance to try this during the practice.

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