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Create labels from your database

Boilerplate text specified in Label Wizard appearing in finished labels

Boilerplate text appears on every label.
Callout 1 Boilerplate text entered into the Label Wizard.
Callout 2 Labels with data and the boilerplate text.

If you want to add text to each label that isn't part of the database, such as "Welcome" or "25th Annual Convention" to a name badge, or "Property of Nancy Davolio" to a media label, it's easy to do. Some people call this "boilerplate" text.

You can do this as you're creating a label in the Label Wizard—just click and type in the label's Prototype box. Or, you can add a Text Box control to the label in Design view.

In the practice session for this lesson we'll add boilerplate text with the Label Wizard, and then modify that text in Design view.

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