About printing a report from a form

You can automate how a user prints a report by carrying out the OpenReport and PrintOut actions in a macro (macro: An action or set of actions that you can use to automate tasks.) or an event procedure (event procedure: A procedure that is automatically executed in response to an event initiated by the user or program code, or that is triggered by the system.). For example, you can make it possible for a user to print a report by clicking a button on a form, choosing a command from a custom menu, or pressing a key combination.

Use the OpenReport action if you want to restrict the records to be printed or if you want to open a report in Print Preview (print preview: A view of a document as it will appear when you print it.). When you use the OpenReport action to print a report, Microsoft Access prints the report by using the default settings in the Print dialog box.

Use the PrintOut action to set printing options before printing your report. The PrintOut action includes arguments (argument: A value that provides information to an action, an event, a method, a property, a function, or a procedure.) for every option in the Print dialog box.

Applies to:
Access 2003