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Create forms for a new Access 2007 database

Steps for designing a form

You design forms in much the same way that you designed the tables for your asset-tracking database.

Callout 1 Start by listing the data that you want to enter or view, and then...
Callout 2 Decide on the controls you need in order to capture and work with your data. For example, if you need to enter or edit data, you use a text box. If you need to give users a list of choices, you use a list control.
Callout 3 If it helps, try sketching your form. If other users are involved, you can have them review your sketch.

Your goal is to make the form logical and complete, meaning it should do all the tasks you need to accomplish. Once you have a design, Access provides several tools for creating and changing forms. We'll start with a new feature called the Form tool.

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