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Work with the keyboard

Monitor and keyboard

There are times when it's more efficient to use the keyboard rather than a mouse.

If you've ever found yourself having to stop in the middle of typing something to use the mouse to highlight text or change it to bold or italic, you know that sometimes it's quicker to use the keyboard instead of reaching for the mouse.

There are many reasons why you might use the keyboard rather than the mouse. From accessing the menus and toolbars to actually completing an action, you can use keystrokes to do just about anything in an Office program.

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Some people are unable to use the mouse for a physical reason. They might not be able to see the pointer on the screen, or they have mobility limitations; perhaps they have repetitive strain injuries and prefer to avoid the mouse to cause less damage to themselves.

Others like to use the keyboard for speed and ease of use. For example, did you know that CTRL+P opens the Print dialog box? There is a complete list of keyboard shortcuts in each program's Help.

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