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Work with the keyboard

Word practice file and practice instructions

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Practice in Word
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In the next three practice sessions you'll practice basic text manipulation by using the menus, toolbars, and keyboard shortcuts. You'll then become familiar with the different methods, although you'll probably use the keyboard shortcuts method for simple actions, such as copying and pasting text. However, it's important to know the other two methods because you can't do everything with shortcuts.

First, practice moving around the menu bar and using the menus without using your mouse to perform some simple tasks and manipulate text in Microsoft Word.

Although the menus are slightly different in the various Office programs, the basic navigation is exactly the same. Once you know how to use the menus in one program, the methods are the same in the other programs.

About the practice session

When you click Practice in Word, a blank document will download to your computer and open in Word, and a separate window with practice instructions will appear alongside (see picture).

Note     You need to have Word 2003 installed on your computer.


  • If the practice instructions aren't visible, or disappear when you click in Word, click the Word Help taskbar button and then click the Auto Tile button on the upper-left corner of the instructions.
  • If the practice instructions cover up Word, click the Auto Tile button on the upper-left corner of the instructions.

Before you begin

Make sure to close Word if it is already running.

Start the practice

Click the Practice in Word button now.

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