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Manage your mailbox III: Move or copy messages to Personal Folders

Mailbox with two folders named Personal Folders, Mailbox with one folder named Personal Folders and one named Contoso

Whenever you create a new Personal Folders file, the default new folder's name is Personal Folders. If you create more than one (for example because you want to have separate PST files for separate projects), you could easily end up with several folders all named Personal Folders. Using the same name for different things makes them hard to distinguish.

How can you tell the different Personal Folders folders apart? Whenever you create a Personal Folders file, use a unique name for each folder you create. You do that by typing in the Name box in the Create Microsoft Personal Folders dialog box (which you'll see when you create a new Personal Folders file). In the picture, we've used the unique name Contoso.

You'll get a chance to see this for yourself and to try it out in the practice at the end of this lesson.

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