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Save time with templates

Examples of agenda templates

Three different agenda templates from Microsoft Office Online.

Here's another example of how Word templates could help you. Imagine that you're in charge of creating an agenda for your team's weekly meeting.

Before you start from a blank page, have a look at the collection of templates available on Microsoft Office Online — you can link directly to these from within Word (you'll see how). This vast and varied collection has different categories of templates. Some of the most popular are Agendas, Calendars, Flyers, Letters, and Resumes. Within each, you have several choices of template type.

The picture shows three of the agenda templates.

Callout 1 This example is simple and straightforward, with formatted text areas that help you fill out the agenda.
Callout 2 Or go with a completely finished, artful look, and type over example text.
Callout 3 This one takes the page layout and formatting up a notch, using color and tables to create areas for a complex agenda design.

You simply open the agenda you want and fill in your information.

Note     Along with the numerous templates on this site that are developed by Microsoft, there are templates that have been created by customers.

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