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Manage your mailbox III: Move or copy messages to Personal Folders

Move to Folder command on right-click menu, Move Items dialog box, Contoso subfolder selected in Personal Folders

How to move your messages to Personal Folders.

Once you have your filing system set up with subfolders, an easy way to move one or more messages to a subfolder is to select the message or messages that you want to move and then use the shortcut menu. We've shown how in the picture:

Callout 1 Right-click the message.
Callout 2 On the shortcut menu, click Move to Folder to open the Move Items dialog box.
Callout 3 In the Move Items dialog box, select the destination (under Personal Folders) and click OK.

Other ways to move messages include:

  • Dragging them.
  • Using the Move to Folder button on the Ribbon. (This button is available when you've double-clicked the message to open it.)
  • Using rules that you set up to move messages automatically.

You'll get a chance to practice some of these methods later on. We've included a link to more information about creating rules in the Quick Reference Card at the end of this course.

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