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Save time with templates

Sample of template and its content

A template is a starting point for documents.

Although you may have worked in Word before and may be familiar with Word documents, you might not be so familiar with Word templates. What's a template, and what's its benefit to you?

A template is a type of document that already contains content, such as text, styles, and formatting; page layout, such as margins and line spacing; and design elements, such as special colors, borders, and accents, typical of a Word theme.

Think of a template as a very helpful starting point. If, for example, you have weekly work meetings and have to create the same meeting agenda over and over but with slightly different details every time, starting out with a lot of information already in place will vastly speed up your work.

See some examples of this, and get a firsthand glimpse of the many templates that already exist, within Word itself and on Microsoft Office Online. Use them to create impressive, professional documents and also to save yourself time.

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