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Choosing handout type in Print Preview

The most common type of PowerPoint printout for audiences is called a handout. Handouts can have one or several slides per page, up to nine.

A good practice is to use Print Preview to select the handout type you want, as shown here, so you can see how it will look before printing. (Start by clicking Print Preview on the Microsoft Office Button menu.)

Callout 1 In Print Preview, display the list in the Print What box by clicking the arrow.
Callout 2 Choose one of the handout types from the list.
Callout 3 When you click the handout type, you are shown a preview of how your slides will look when printed in this format. You can navigate through all the handout pages. The handout type that has three slides per page also includes lines for audience notes.

When you're ready to print, you click Print.

You'll use Print Preview in the practice session.

Note     You do not have to select handouts in Print Preview; you can just open the Print dialog box from the Microsoft Office Button menu, and select the handout type there.

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