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Inserting text box from Insert tab

Another way to insert slide items is to use the Insert tab on the Ribbon. All of the things you could insert from the slide pane are also available here, plus more — including shapes, hyperlinks, text boxes, headers and footers, and media clips such as sounds.

The picture shows the array of things available on the tab. A typical thing to insert is a text box. (Note, you can't insert a text box using an icon in a slide layout.)

Callout 1 Text boxes are handy when you want to add text somewhere and need another placeholder for it, such as for a picture caption. First, you'd click Text Box on the Insert tab.
Callout 2 And then, you'd draw the box on the slide and type in it.

What's the best method?     Since you have two choices for how to insert some things, what's the recommended method? It mostly comes down to what you find handiest. One thing to consider is how you want the inserted item to be positioned on the slide.

For example, if you use an icon in the placeholder to insert a picture, the picture will be put in that placeholder. When you insert a picture by using the Insert tab, PowerPoint guesses on its placement, putting it in an available placeholder or in the one you have selected. If there are no available placeholders, PowerPoint inserts the picture to the middle of the slide — and that may be what you want, sometimes.

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