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Create your first presentation

Using slide icon to insert picture

Now learn two methods for inserting pictures and other non-text items into slides.

In the first lesson, you had a glimpse of the first method, which is to click an icon in a placeholder. The picture illustrates how to insert a piece of clip art.

Callout 1 Click the Clip Art icon in the placeholder.
Callout 2 The Clip Art task pane opens. There, type a keyword in the Search for box that suggests the sort of clips you want, and click Go.
Callout 3 Clips appear that fit the keyword. Click one of them to insert it into the slide.

The picture is automatically sized and positioned within the placeholder.

Other things you can insert this way include tables, charts, SmartArt graphics, your own pictures, and video files.

Caution about inserting pictures     Pictures, particularly high-resolution photographs, can quickly inflate the size of your presentation. Be mindful of ways you can optimize such pictures to make them as small as possible. Find out more in the Quick Reference Card at the end of this course.

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