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Manage your mailbox V: Retrieve, back up, or share messages

Folder Options dialog box, View tab, "Show hidden files and folders" selected

Hidden files and folders options for folders.

Now that we've shown you how easy it is, we have to mention that the Data File Management method we just described does have a caveat. In order to see a file's location using that method, the file must be open in Outlook. That is, if you've closed a PST or if you're looking for one that you recently copied to your computer and haven't yet opened in Outlook, you may need to do a little looking around outside Outlook.

And sometimes PST files seem downright invisible when you start to look for them outside Outlook. That's because some of the places Outlook stores PST files are normally hidden in Windows. To see these files in Windows Explorer, you must use the option in Windows to display hidden files and folders.

We've shown the dialog box for doing that in Windows Vista in the picture. You'll find complete instructions for all versions of Windows in the Quick Reference Card at the end of this course.

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