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Create and use your own Electronic Business Card

Business Card button in new message; Insert Business Card dialog box; EBC in a message

Now comes the exciting part. After you've created your card, you can use it to share your contact information with business associates and friends. You do that by including it in an e-mail message. Here's a summary of the steps (you'll get to try all of the steps for yourself in the practice that's coming up at the end of the lesson):

Callout 1 From a new message, click the Business Card button and then click Other Business Cards.
Callout 2 Select your card from the list.
Callout 3 The business card appears in the body of the message and a .vcf file attachment is added to the Attached box. The attachment is in vCard format, the Internet standard for creating and sharing virtual business cards. This file is what makes it possible to save your Electronic Business Card. Because the file is stored in the widely supported vCard format, even people who aren't using Outlook 2007 will be able to easily save the contact information (as long as the program they are using supports the vCard format).

Note   ¬†Earlier we mentioned that space on the card is limited and that sometimes not all fields can be displayed on the card. However, any field that is included in the Fields list of the Edit Business Card dialog box will appear in the attached .vcf file, even if that field does not appear on the card.

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