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Manage your mailbox V: Retrieve, back up, or share messages

Data File Management command on File menu, Account Settings dialog box, Data Files tab, Open Folder command

Suppose we've convinced you, and you like the idea of copying a PST file to back up your messages or to move them to another computer. How do you find the file in order to copy it?

We've said that you need to close Outlook before you make the copy. Before you close Outlook, use the Account Settings dialog box to identify the file name and location of the PST file that you want to copy. We've included the complete steps to do this in the Quick Reference Card at the end of this course, so you don't need to memorize anything now. However, it may help you to remember that a PST file is an Outlook data file. And finding the file is your first step to managing it…so the command that you click on the File menu is Data File Management.

Before you close Outlook, you can select the file that you want to copy and click Open Folder. (We've put a red box around that button in the picture.) Then you can close Outlook. The folder containing the PST will remain open so that you can copy it.

Tip     Here's another reason to give your PST files unique names. When you see the files in Windows Explorer, unique names will help you distinguish them and recognize them.

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