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Create and use your own Electronic Business Card

E-mail message with an Electronic Business Card

Traditional paper business cards have been around for a long time. But these days, a lot of business is done in e-mail. In addition, paper means your customers have to re-type the information into their own electronic contact systems — which could mean typos. And, it can be hard to keep the information on the paper card up to date. An Electronic Business Card (EBC) draws on the familiar look of traditional business cards while capitalizing on the convenience of an electronic contact. When you send an EBC to colleagues, clients, and friends, they'll easily be able save the information it contains to their own systems (even if they're using a program other than Outlook).

And, EBCs are especially convenient for Outlook 2007 users. We've shown why in the picture: In Outlook 2007, you can save an EBC to your own contacts by simply right-clicking the business card in the message and clicking Add to Outlook Contacts.

EBCs are an extension of your Outlook contacts. When you create an EBC for yourself, you'll want to control how much information the EBC contains and how it appears on the card. This lesson will show you how to do that.

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