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Create and use your own Electronic Business Card

Card Design area of Edit Business Card dialog box

You can change the design of an Electronic Business Card at any time. You start by opening the Edit Business Card dialog box from the contact form and choosing from the options under Card Design. The design of the card is controlled with the Layout, Image, Image Area, and Image Align boxes. To get oriented, look at the standard settings:

  • The card uses a standard gray box image to the left of the text. (You'll learn how to change this image in the next screen.)
  • The image is fit to the edge of the card.
  • The image spans 16 percent of the card.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you design your card:

  • As is true with its paper counterpart, there's a finite amount of space on an EBC.

Design choices will affect the amount of information you can include. You'll need to strike a balance between fanciness and the information that you want to appear on the card.

  • Keep colors simple. And, if you use a picture, make sure the colors look good with that image.
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