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Up to speed with Excel 2007

Page Layout tab

Make adjustments to your worksheet on the Page Layout tab before you print.

Now it's time to print the report, so you can take copies to your meeting.

In previous versions of Excel, did you ever switch back and forth repeatedly between print preview and Normal view, adjusting your worksheet to get things right before you could print? Or perhaps it took you several tries before your worksheets finally printed the way you wanted them to.

In Page Layout view, you can make adjustments to your worksheet and see the changes on the screen, before you print. Click the Page Layout tab to fine-tune your printing options.

On this tab, in the Page Setup group, you can click Orientation and then select Portrait or Landscape. In Page Layout view, you'll see the orientation change, and how your data will look each way.

Still in the Page Setup group, click Size to choose paper size. You'll see the result of your choices as you make them. What you see is what you print.

You'll see a bit more about the Page Layout tab commands in the practice.

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