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Create your first Word document I

Backstage view

At some point you may have a finely tuned sentence or several paragraphs of ideas, facts, or figures that you would regret losing if your cat jumped on your keyboard, or if a power failure shut your computer off.

To keep your work, you have to save it, and it's never too early to do that.

On the ribbon, you click the first tab, the File tab.

This opens a large window called the Backstage, a place where you take care of a lot of things, such as saving your document, and printing it.

In the left column, you click Save. A smaller window, called a dialog box, opens. You use this box to tell Word where you want to store the document on your computer, and what you want to call it. You'll learn the exact steps in the practice.

After you save your document, and you continue to type, you should save your work as you go.

Need to print?

When you’re ready to print, click again the File tab (the first tab). In the left column, you click the Print command. A large window opens, and you click the Print button. Of course, you’ll need to have a printer hooked up to your computer.

Close the document

When you are through with the document and have saved your work, close the file. Click the File tab, and in the left column click Close.

Tip    To find your document after you close it, look in the Recent Documents list shown in the picture. Click a document in the list to open it. You'll learn more about how to find and open a document in the practice.

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