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Shapes II: Expertly position, stack, and group shapes

AutoConnect button, selecting a shape in a stencil, clicking an AutoConnect arrow, and new connected shape

When AutoConnect is on, you can use the blue arrows to add a shape neatly to the page, and connect it. Detailed steps are in the practice.

You want neatly placed shapes. But most of the time you want them connected to other shapes, too. One way to accomplish both is to use the AutoConnect arrows. How do they work?

Callout 1 Make sure AutoConnect is on by clicking the AutoConnect button Button image. (Note that it is often already on depending on the type of diagram you're working with.)
Callout 2 In a stencil, select the shape you want.
Callout 3 Rest your pointer over the shape you want to connect to, and then click a blue AutoConnect arrow.
Callout 4 A new shape is added, connected, and positioned neatly on the page.

AutoConnect is a great timesaver if you need all of these things done at once. We'll step you through this process in the practice session coming up.

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