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Up to speed with PowerPoint 2007

So, why did we revamp the old command system? Because of what we've learned about how you work. People using PowerPoint favor certain commands, and they use those commands over and over.

To reflect and support this, we've made these commands the most prominent, the ones you see first. The goal is to make and keep them visible, so that you don't have to hunt for them on menus or toolbars that aren't displayed.

This set of most-used commands extends across the first layer, or tab, of the Ribbon, called the Home tab. Displayed as buttons, these commands support frequent tasks, including copying and pasting, adding slides, changing slide layout, formatting and positioning text, and finding and replacing text.

There are other tabs on the Ribbon. Each tab is devoted to a type of work you do when you create a presentation. Buttons on each tab are arranged in logical groups. The most popular buttons in each group are the largest. Even newer commands that customers have asked for but may not have discovered in earlier versions are now much more visible.

To get an idea of all this, click Play to view the animation.

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