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Get visual with SmartArt graphics

Style applied to a graphic

In this example, one of the styles in the 3-D category is applied, called Cartoon. It does even more to make the shapes seem slightly lifted off the slide. The main shapes have a bevel and highlight on either end. And the long shapes have a similar highlight all along the top and bottom. The dark color of the main shapes is uniform, suggesting a flatter, shinier finish, unlike the more gradient, or gradual, color in the first style.

You'll see the full range of styles in a layout when you do the practice session. But in brief, here are some things you'll find within styles:

  • Color-shade variations that stick within the current color range.
  • Different treatment of shape fills and borders.
  • Varying dimensionality: shapes can look flat to rounded to fully dimensional (two-sided) to tilted.
  • Visual effects such as reflection, shadows, and glows.
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