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Up to speed with Outlook 2007

A new mail message as it appears when you press ALT to show letters for keyboard shortcuts

Press ALT to see the keyboard shortcuts. Press the indicated key to show the correct tab, and then press the letter to access the command you want.

If you use keyboard shortcuts instead of a mouse or other pointing device, you'll notice that some shortcuts are the same but some others have changed. With the introduction of the Ribbon, commands are in new locations, so shortcuts that begin with ALT will probably be different from earlier versions. To find your way around, start by pressing ALT. Then, press the letter to access the command you want.


  • The majority of keyboard shortcuts that use the CTRL key, such as CTRL+N for New, CTRL+C for Copy, and CTRL+V for Paste, have not changed.
  • There's a course specifically about using the keyboard to access menus and commands. We've included more information in the Quick Reference Card.
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