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Up to speed with PowerPoint 2007

Inserting picture using icon in the layout and using Picture Tools

Maybe you're including portrait photos of company executives, or you want a piece of clip art to accentuate slide content. As you saw in the preceding section, you can insert the picture right from the slide, from within a content placeholder. The illustration on the left shows you how.

Callout 1 To insert a picture of your own, click the Insert Picture from File icon.
Callout 2 To insert a piece of clip art, click the Clip Art icon.
Callout 3 The picture will be positioned within the placeholder border.
Callout 4 Once your picture is inserted, what if you want to resize it or give it special effects? First, select the picture on the slide.
Callout 5 Picture Tools appear on the Ribbon. Click the Format tab, and use buttons and options there to work with the picture. You can give it square or curved edges; apply a shadow or glow; add a colored border; crop it or size it, and so on.

Inserting a picture from the slide itself is handy. It's an especially good method if you have more than one placeholder on the slide because, when you insert using the slide icons, the picture goes within the same placeholder.

(If you want to insert a picture by using the slide icons but you don't have the right type of placeholder, it's easy to change the layout. You'll see how in the practice session.)

Don't forget the Insert tab     You can use the Insert tab to insert a picture, too — as well as many other slide elements. The only difference in using this method is that sometimes PowerPoint has to guess which placeholder you want the picture to go in.

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