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Shapes II: Expertly position, stack, and group shapes

Pointer clicking group and then clicking single shape within the group

How to select a shape within a group.

Even after you've grouped shapes, you can still edit just one of the shapes in the group.

Let's use our cluster of buildings as an example. If three buildings are grouped together as one, how do you hone in on one of the buildings to resize it a little? Or maybe you want to change its color?

Callout 1 You click the group to select it.
Callout 2 And then you click again to select a shape within the group.

When one shape is selected, it appears with green handles, but these handles have Xs in them. This is a signal that the shape you selected is a part of a group. Now you can change that one shape any way you like.

This is a good way to quickly change a shape. But if you need to do more extensive changes to the one shape, the next page shows you an alternative.

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