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Personalize your slide design

Background Styles gallery and Format Background dialog box

Since you're creating slides for tropical vacations, to get your clients started dreaming, let's use a picture for your slide background instead of a color or texture.

Callout 1 These are the panes and tabs of the Format Background dialog box. Switching panes changes available options.
Callout 2 To use a picture or texture for a slide background instead of a solid or gradient fill, click this option.
Callout 3 To insert a picture from a file, click File, and then locate the picture that you want to add. To paste a picture from the Clipboard or another program, copy the picture, and then click Clipboard. To use clip art, click Clip Art, and then type a word that describes the clip in the Search text box.

You'll add a picture to your slide background in the practice session.

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