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Create your first presentation

Working with text

In the all-purpose placeholder shown previously, you can add graphic elements or text. You'll look at adding graphics such as pictures in the next lesson. Right now let's talk about text.

The default formatting for text is a bulleted list.

Callout 1 You can use different levels of text within bulleted lists to make minor points under major points.
Callout 2 On the Ribbon, use commands in the Font group to change character formatting, such as font color and size.
Callout 3 Use commands in the Paragraph group to change paragraph formatting, such as list formatting, degree of text indentation, and line spacing.

Automatic text fit     If you type more text than fits in the placeholder, PowerPoint reduces the font size and line spacing to fit it all in. You can turn this behavior off, if you prefer. You'll see how in the practice session.

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