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Create your first presentation

Packaging presentation to CD or folder

The PowerPoint Package for CD feature bundles your presentation file and any other files you need for your presentation and copies them into one folder or directly to a CD. If you copy your files to a folder, you can burn the folder to a CD later. You can also copy the files to a network server that you have access to from your presenting computer.

To package your presentation and related files:

Callout 1 Click the Microsoft Office ButtonButton image.
Callout 2 Point to Publish, and click Package for CD.
Callout 3 In the dialog box that opens, make selections for what you want to be included in the package, and copy your file or files either to a folder or a CD.

Important     Always save your presentation before packaging it to a folder or CD.

For more about the packaging process, read the notes here, and look in the See Also and Package to CD or folder sections in the Quick Reference Card at the end of the course.

Requirements for packaging to a CD     To package and then copy to a CD from PowerPoint, you must be running Microsoft Windows XP or later on your computer, and you must have a CD burner. If you are running Microsoft Windows 2000, you can still use this feature to package the presentation files to a folder, and then use a third-party program to burn the folder to a CD.

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