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Create your first presentation

Spelling checker and comments feature on Review tab

You'll want to weed out any spelling errors and find other goofs and gaps before you present. Go to the Review tab on the Ribbon to run a spelling check. That's also where others can go to add comments as they review your slides.

Callout 1 On the Review tab, in the Proofing group, click Spelling, and make selections as the spelling checker moves through your slides.
Callout 2 You might also want to have others review the presentation and make comments before you present. You'll find the New Comment command in the Comments group, also on the Review tab. A person adding comments just clicks the command and types the comment, slide by slide. When you review the comments, you use Previous and Next, in the Comments group, to navigate through them.

If you do have others review the presentation, PowerPoint helps the process by automatically attaching the presentation to an e-mail message. In the practice session, you'll see how to do that.

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