Apply a design template

  1. On the Formatting toolbar, click Design Button image. (If you already have the Slide Design pane open with color schemes (color scheme: A set of eight balanced colors that you can apply to slides, notes pages, or audience handouts. A color scheme consists of a background color, a color for lines and text, and six other colors selected to make slides easy to read.) or animation schemes (animation scheme: Adds preset visual effects to text on slides. Ranging from subtle to exciting, each scheme usually includes an effect for the slide title and an effect that is applied to bullets or paragraphs on a slide.) displayed, click Design Templates at the top.)
  2. Do one of the following:

 Note   Design templates you have applied appear in the Slide Design task pane under Used in this presentation. All available design templates appear under Available for use.


  • To view the design templates in larger sizes, point to a template, click the arrow, and then click Show Large Previews.
  • To look for a template that doesn't appear in the task pane, click Browse at the bottom of the task pane.
  • To apply a "blank" design template, under Available for use, click the first design in the task pane, titled Default Design.
Applies to:
PowerPoint 2003