Add a picture throughout a presentation

To make a picture appear on multiple slides, add it to the slide master (slide master: The main slide that stores information about the theme and layouts of a presentation, including the background, color, fonts, effects, placeholder sizes, and positions.) for those slides. If you want the picture to appear only on slides that have a Title Slide layout, add it to the title master (title master: The slide that stores information from the design template pertaining to styles on title slides, including placeholder sizes and positions, background design, and color schemes.).

  1. On the View menu, point to Master, and then click Slide Master.
  2. In the thumbnails on the left, click the slide master or title master that you want.
  3. On the slide master or title master, add the picture.


  1. Click where you want to insert the picture.
  2. Insert one of the following:

ShowA picture from a file

ShowA picture directly from a scanner or digital camera

For this procedure, make sure that your device is compatible with TWAIN (TWAIN: A cross-platform interface for acquiring electronic images that have been captured by scanners, digital cameras, and still-frame video capture boards.) or WIA (Windows Image Acquisition (WIA): A device-driver interface that supports still digital cameras and low- and high-end scanners, and allows retrieving of still images from IEEE 1394-based DV camcorders and USB-based "Web cams.") and is connected to your computer. You should also make sure that you have installed the device software that supports TWAIN or WIA.

  1. Set up the picture in the scanning device.
  2. On the Insert menu, point to Picture, and then click From Scanner or Camera.
  3. If you have more than one device attached to your computer, under Device, select the device that you want to use.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • If the selected device is a scanner, and you want to use default settings for scanning the image, click Web Quality (if you are going to show your picture on the screen) or Print Quality (if you are going to print your picture), and then click Insert to scan your picture.

 Note   The Insert button might be unavailable with some scanners because the scanner software doesn't support an automatic scan. Use the Custom Insert button instead.

  • If the selected device is not a scanner (for example, if it's a digital camera), or you want to customize any settings before you scan the picture, click Custom Insert. Follow the instructions that come with the device that you're using.
  1. To return to normal view, on the Slide Master View toolbar, click Close Master View.


Applies to:
PowerPoint 2003