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Calendar I: Outlook calendar basics

Entries in calendar

A day in the calendar with each type of entry occurring once.

Now that you see your calendar, you can start scheduling. You'll choose from four types of entry. By knowing the different types, you can be more effective when you schedule your activities.

Callout 1 Appointment: An appointment is an activity that involves only you, at a scheduled time.
Callout 2 Meeting: A meeting occurs at a scheduled time, like an appointment. The difference is that you invite other people by using a meeting request that's sent via e-mail.
Callout 3 Event: An event is an activity that lasts all day long. Unlike an appointment or meeting, an event doesn't block out time in your calendar. With an event, you can still have other entries appear in your schedule for that day.
Callout 4 Task: A task is an activity that involves only you, and that doesn't need a scheduled time. New to Outlook 2007 is an area in your calendar's Day and Week views that shows tasks.
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