Office 2010 suites: localized versions

The table below lists all localized versions of the Office 2010 suites, along with the languages of the proofing tools provided in each.

To work in languages not included in your localized version, you can get individual Office Language Packs 2010. Office Language Packs include Display, Help, and editing tools for many languages; you can add Office Language Packs to any of the products listed in the table below. This table can also be used to determine which companion document proofing languages are included in individual Office Language Packs.

Localized version Includes proofing tools in these languages
Arabic Arabic, French, English
Bulgarian Bulgarian, English, German, Russian
Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Simplified), English
Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Traditional), English
Croatian Croatian, English, German, Italian, Serbian Cyrillic, Serbian Latin
Czech Czech, English, German, , Slovak
Danish Danish, English, German, Swedish
Dutch Dutch, English, French, German
English English, French, Spanish
Estonian Estonian, English, Finnish, German, Russian
Finnish Finnish, English, German, Russian, Swedish
French French, Arabic, Dutch, English, German, Spanish
German German, English, French, Italian
Greek Greek, English, French, German
Hebrew Hebrew, Arabic, English, French, Russian
Hindi Hindi, English, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu
Hungarian Hungarian, English, German
Italian Italian, English, French, German
Japanese Japanese, English
Kazakh English, Russian
Korean Korean, English
Latvian Latvian, English, German, Russian
Lithuanian Lithuanian, English, German, Polish, Russian
Norwegian Norwegian, English, German, Norwegian (Nynorsk)
Polish Polish, English, German
Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Brazil), English, Spanish
Portuguese (Portugal) Portuguese (Portugal), English, Spanish
Romanian Romanian, English, French
Russian Russian, English, German, Ukrainian
Serbian Serbian, Croatian, English, French, German
Slovak Slovak, Czech, English, German , Hungarian
Slovenian Slovenian, Croatian, English, German, Italian
Spanish Spanish, Basque, Catalan, English, French, Galician, Portuguese (Brazil)
Swedish Swedish, English, Finnish, German
Thai Thai, English, French
Turkish Turkish, English, French, German
Ukrainian Ukrainian, English, German, Russian

Deployment for large organizations

If you represent a large organization and need more information about how best to deploy localized versions or deploy Microsoft Office 2010 suites in multiple languages, see Options for using the Microsoft Office 2010 suites in multiple languages.

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