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Up to speed with Word 2007

The Save As command on the menu that opens from the Microsoft Office Button

How to save a document created in the new version of Word in an older file format.

If you're concerned that John doesn't have his installation of Office 2000 fully updated, then you'll want to save your document with an older file format before e-mailing it to him. Here's how:

Callout 1 Click the Microsoft Office Button, and on the menu, point to the arrow at the end of the Save as command.
Callout 2 Click Word 97-2003 format on the list of options.

You may get a warning that saving in the older file format will cause certain features to be lost or modified. For example, if your document contains a new diagram, Word will notify you that the diagram will be combined into a single, uneditable object. That way John can at least see the diagram. But John won't be able to edit it, because his version of Word doesn't understand how to work with this new feature.

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