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Up to speed with Excel 2007

Sign in the lower corner of a dialog box that means more options, and a dialog box

Click the arrow Button image at the bottom of a group to get more options if you need them.
Callout 1 Click the arrow Button image in the Font group.
Callout 2 The Format Cells dialog box opens.

When you see this arrow Button image (called the Dialog Box Launcher) in the lower-right corner of a group, there are more options available for the group. Click the arrow, and you'll see a dialog box or a task pane.

For example, on the Home tab, in the Font group, you have all the commands that are used the most to make font changes: commands to change the font, to change the size, and to make the font bold, italic, or underlined.

If you want more options, such as superscript, click the Button image arrow to the right of Font, and you'll get the Format Cells dialog box, which has superscript and other options related to fonts.

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