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Keyboard shortcuts in the 2007 Office system

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The three main parts of the Ribbon are:

Tabs, groups, and commands.

The Microsoft Office Button, tabs, and access keys.

Menus, toolbars, and commands.

Where should you look for items that used to be on the File menu?

On the Home tab.

On the Microsoft Office Button menu.

There's no equivalent; they're spread all over the Ribbon.

Which of these are the two basic types of keyboard shortcut?

Navigation keys and Key Tips.

Shortcuts and Key Tips.

Combination keys that initiate a command and access keys that navigate the items on screen.

Combination keys that initiate a command and Key Tips.

Which programs in the 2007 Office release have the Ribbon?

All of them.

Word and Excel.

Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and parts of Outlook.

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