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Link data to diagrams I: Getting started

Network diagram with meters showing CPU speeds

A network diagram with data.

Here’s another example of how data improves diagrams. This network diagram has data linked to it, and you can see the data for each server in the form of speedometers. If your boss asks which server has the most CPU power for the deployment of a new Web application, you can glance at the speedometers and see: Server 3 is the one with the most speed. You can also see which server is available or not — looks like servers 1 and 2 are okay, but server 3 is unavailable. Better find out what the problem is.

Visio increases the value of the visual display by making the diagram more informative. It’s a visual interface for viewing and tracking data about your equipment.

And this is current, updated information. The diagram can be refreshed at any time to show changes in the data. Suddenly the diagram is a living and breathing tracking tool for your business.

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