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Take audio and video notes

Text notes with an audio and video note on the same page

OneNote inserts the current date and time when you start recording a note. To play a recorded note:
Callout 1 Point to the note's time and date stamp; the recording symbol appears to the left of the stamp.
Callout 2 Click the symbol to play the note (or click the Play button on the Audio and Video Recording toolbar).

After you have started recording, OneNote inserts some text onto your page to indicate the time and date that the recording started. You can have several recordings on one page, both video and audio — there's more about how the notes link together later in the lesson.

The audio (.wma) and video (.wmv) files are stored on your computer in the My Notebook folder of My Documents. You'll find individual files for each new recording, and they'll be in the relevant folder (each OneNote folder in My Notebook is stored as a separate folder in the My Documents hierarchy).

The notes are not a dictation device. The recording is kept as an audio or video file; it's not converted into text.

You can delete a recorded note by clicking the Delete Recording Button image button on the Audio and Video Recording toolbar. All the recordings on that page will be deleted.

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