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Use Note Tags and Search to keep track of your notes

Notes are tagged with icons or highlighted text (you can also use an icon and highlight).

Using note tags couldn't be easier. Just click (or tap if you're using a Tablet PC) on the note you want to tag and then select the type of tag you want to use. You can add tags to typed text, pictures, and handwriting. The picture shows five different note tags:

Callout 1 To do
Callout 2 Important
Callout 3 Question
Callout 4 Remember for later
Callout 5 Definition

You can mark a note with two or more tags (up to a maximum of nine). For example, a To Do and an Important tag.

Note tags are available from:

  • The Insert menu, Tag command.
  • The Tag button on the Standard toolbar. The button may look different at times because it remembers the last type of tag you used and stays like that until you use a different tag.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. See the Quick Reference Card for a full list.

Tip    If you use note tags a lot, you can keep them all available on the Tags toolbar. You'll see how to open the toolbar in the practice session.

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