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Create great-looking signatures for your e-mail

Different signatures for different e-mail accounts

To assign a signature to an e-mail account, click Options on the Tools menu and select the Mail Format tab.
Callout 1 Exchange Server e-mail account.
Callout 2 Bobby's fancy work signature.
Callout 3 POP3 e-mail account.
Callout 4 Bobby's volunteer job signature.

If you use more than one e-mail account in Outlook, you can assign a different signature to each account. This is because you might use a specific account for a specific role in your life. For example, Bobby Moore uses his Bobby Moore (Fancy) signature for his Microsoft Exchange Server account at AdventureWorks. He uses his Bobby as Volunteer signature for his POP3 account, which he uses to coordinate fund-raising for the Baldwin Museum of Science.

However many signatures you have created, Outlook uses only the ones you assign.

At any time, if you wanted to stop using a signature on an account, you would just set your signature options to <None>.

If you assign a signature and then accidentally delete the signature file, that signature setting will automatically revert to <None>.

Note    If you're curious about how to set up Outlook to use more than one e-mail account, we've included a link to more information in the Quick Reference Card at the end of this course.

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