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Table of Contents I: Create an automatic TOC

Heading 1 style applied to title in document

Heading styles are the link to building an automatic TOC.

After you have decided on the chapter titles and headings that you want to appear in the TOC, you will need to apply specific styles to them so that Word will include them in the TOC.

These styles are on the Home tab, in the Styles group. For each chapter title and heading:

  1. Place the cursor in the chapter title or heading.
  2. In the Styles group, click Heading 1 for the highest level, such as a chapter title; Heading 2 for the next level, maybe a section heading; and Heading 3 for a sub-heading.

The heading styles and the automatic TOC work together. Word designates Heading 1 titles to the highest level in the TOC; Heading 2 corresponds to the next highest level; and Heading 3 is the following level.

You will see these hierarchical levels when you create the TOC in the next step.

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