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Table of Contents III: Use fields to create a TOC and create multiple TOCs

Table identifiers

To mark an entry for a specific TOC, press ALT+SHIFT+O to open the Mark Table of Contents Entry dialog box and fill in the text boxes.

To build two or more TOCs in your document, with each TOC showing a different type of entry, you can use table identifiers.

First you'll need to determine a letter for each TOC, such as "A" for all the sauce recipes and "B" for all the breakfast recipes.

Then mark the text you want in each TOC using a TC field, which you learned in the first lesson. The Table identifier text box in the Mark Table of Contents Entry dialog box is where you enter the TOC letter (in the example in the illustration, "A" is for the sauce recipes and "B" for breakfast recipes).

When you create the TOC you'll use only the \f switch with the table identifier letter to build the TOC. For example:

{TOC \f B}

As you saw in the first practice session, the \f switch builds a TOC by collecting the TC fields. With the "B" table identifier used to build the TOC, it will include only the TC fields marked with that letter. If the "A" table identifier is used, then only the "A" text will be included in the TOC.

In this way you can include text in several different TOCs by marking it with one or more TC field.

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