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Excel Services IV: Allow user input

An animated example of how to create a data entry pane in Excel Services.

Here’s how to let people enter values for cells B4 and B5 in Excel Services.

In Excel, you use the Excel Services Options dialog box to designate the named cells as parameters that people will use to enter values in the data entry pane in Excel Services. Then you publish the workbook to Excel Services.

When the workbook opens in Excel Services, people will see the Parameters pane on the right, where they'll enter values.

Click Play to see how to use named cells as parameters in Excel Services.

Animation description:

In Excel, the cursor points to the Microsoft Office Button Button image, points to Publish, and then clicks Excel Services Options.

The cursor clicks the Parameters tab, clicks Add, clicks the check boxes next to Enter_number_of_units_here and Enter_price_here and then clicks OK twice.

The cursor clicks Save and the URL for the SharePoint document library is entered, leaving "Forms/AllItems.aspx” off the end of the URL. The cursor clicks Save again.

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