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Add sound effects to a presentation

Choices for how to start sound

Choose how you want the sound to start.

In the process of inserting the sound, you're prompted with a message asking whether you want the sound to start automatically or when you click the mouse.

Choose Automatically if you want the sound to start by itself. If you have no other media effects on the slide, the sound plays when the slide is displayed. If you already have another effect on the slide, such as an animation, sound, or movie, the sound plays after that effect is finished.

Click When Clicked if you want the sound to play when you click the sound icon on the slide. This setting is known as a trigger, because you have to click something specific (the sound icon) to play — trigger — the sound.

If you change your mind about how you want the sound to start, you can make a different selection later.

Note    You can set up other things on the slide as well — text, a shape, or a picture, for example — to trigger the sound. Details about that are later in the lesson.

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