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Put your photos into PowerPoint

Inserting photos with photo album

The first step in adding pictures to PowerPoint: Upload them to your computer.

You've got photos and you want to display them in a slide show. The first thing you need to do is get the pictures onto your computer.

To do so, follow the guidelines that came with your scanner or camera to upload your picture files. Some software will save the files to your Pictures folder by default, and might create a subfolder for you named by the day's date.

Of course, you can designate the folder you want, and organize your pictures however you like.

Note     PowerPoint 2003 includes the From Scanner or Camera command (opened from the Insert menu, Picture command). This lets you copy pictures directly from the scanner or camera into PowerPoint. However, in PowerPoint 2007, you must copy the pictures to your computer before inserting them into PowerPoint.

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